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How to Find a Menopause Specialist [In 2020]

How to Find a Menopause Specialist [In 2020]

Experiencing changes in your menstrual cycle, hot flashes, night sweats, and sudden mood swings? 

If you’re a woman in your 40s or 50s, chances are you’re dealing with the most common symptoms of menopause. 

Menopause is the period in a woman’s life where she slowly transitions to infertility. 

Since it’s driven mostly by hormonal fluctuations, this reproductive stage will likely trigger changes to your body that can be disturbing to your everyday life. 

To guide you through this transitional phase, the first thing you should do is to look for a healthcare provider that specializes in menopause and its symptoms. 

Here’s our quick 3-step guide to finding the best menopause specialist! 

3 Steps To Finding A Menopause Specialist 

Step 1: Know What A Menopause Specialist Can Do For You 

When it comes to women’s health, OB-GYNs are the first on-call to help with your issues on menstruation, birth control, and pregnancy. 

However, not all OB-GYNs are specifically trained to care for women in their menopausal stage. 

Truth be told, menopause isn’t a walk in the park for many women. The symptoms that come along during this transition can keep you from doing your everyday activities. 

For those concerns, a specialist for menopause with the right knowledge and training will be able to: 

Finding the right specialist to help you through these challenging times is crucial to your overall well-being. 

Step 2: Where To Look For A Menopause Specialist 

In this digital age, there are many ways you can connect with a certified menopause specialist! 

However, before you start Googling for one online, it may be best to ask for your current gynecologist to give you a referral. 

Since they already know your medical history, they can connect you with someone who they also know and trust. 

Alternatively, you can also search for one through various portals and directories. These websites can link you with a qualified specialist near you with just a click of a button. 

To know if they will be a good fit for you, you check also out the physician’s reviews and ratings on RateMDsHealth Grades, or in the American Medical Association. 

Menopause Specialist

Step 3: Ask Your Menopause Specialist 

There’s no one absolute treatment to relieve your menopause symptoms. 

For some, a healthy lifestyle change is enough. But for others, hormone therapy may be necessary to minimize the effects of hormonal imbalance during menopause. 

Information is key to know which specialist will be able to address your issues with the right treatment plan.

For your first visit, here are some things you should discuss with your menopause specialist: 

Relieve Your Symptoms With The Help of A Menopause Specialist 

With these 3 easy steps, you’ll be able to find the specialist that will guide and walk you through menopause.

The right doctor and treatment plan can help you live your best life, even in your menopause years! 

What do you want in a menopause specialist? Write a comment below and let’s have a chat about it! 

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