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What is an Obstetrician?


What is an Obstetrician 1

Have you made the big decision to embark on the most amazing experience a woman could possibly have — creating, growing, birthing and raising a baby? Do you know if your body is ready for pregnancy? This is where the role of an obstetrician comes in.

What is an Obstetrician?

Obstetricians are a special kind of doctor to provide the delicate and intricate care of the female reproductive system. Working together with a highly-trained and experienced obstetrician will be an important step for you to take to ensure your reproductive health is in tip-top shape to perform this miracle. You may be currently seeing a gynecologist on a routine basis for all of your women’s health needs. Though, if getting pregnant is something you are planning with your partner, you may have chosen an OB GYN — a doctor who specializes in both Obstetrics and Gynecology.


The Obstetrics part of the OB-GYN is what we will explore here for you. We at North Valley Women’s Care know there are a lot of questions and topics to discuss before starting the journey of pregnancy, labor, delivery.

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Obstetricians have the pleasure to guide you every step of the way to help plan for pregnancy and to provide for your prenatal and postpartum care. Our clinical team at North Valley Women’s Care is here to provide the best in obstetrics for you.

What Do Obstetricians Specialize In?

An obstetrician is a doctor who went to medical school to specialize in and provide medical care and treatment to women before, during, and in the postpartum period after pregnancy. 

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The Role of an Obstetrician Before Pregnancy

If you are planning to start a family, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with an obstetrician. 

Obstetricians have received specific training in the female anatomy. Scheduling an appointment with this specialist will ensure that your body is ready to conceive, support, and deliver a baby. The obstetrician will order labs to check hormone levels, glucose levels, blood cell counts, and any other labs as they pertain to your specific health needs. Your blood pressure, weight, and other vitals will be taken to get a sense of your current general health.

What an Obstetrician Does During Pregnancy

Obstetricians monitor the health of pregnant women and of their babies and provide for their prenatal care. As obstetricians at North Valley Women’s Care, we are passionate about what we do as we care for you and baby. We share with you evidenced-based medical advice as you progress along in your pregnancy.

A typical schedule of visits 

For a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, you can expect to visit your obstetrician every 4 weeks during your 1st trimester. On your 28th week, you can expect to see your OB every two weeks until you reach your 36 weeks of pregnancy. At 36 weeks, you are nearing your due date and we monitor you and baby until he or she arrives. Plan to visit us once a week at this point.

What to expect for your appointments

At each appointment, your weight and blood pressure will be taken. A measurement of your stomach from top to bottom will be taken to keep track of your growing uterus and baby. Urine samples are often collected to check for protein and glucose. During the different stages of your pregnancy, you will undergo certain prenatal tests for a continual watch on your health and the baby’s health. Tests include ultrasounds, blood tests, and others that your obstetrician determines necessary. We will also co-manage your pregnancy with a perinatologist if you are considered to have a high-risk pregnancy.

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What is an Obstetrician 2

What Obstetricians Do During Labor 

Your special, much anticipated day (or night) is here when the baby is ready to enter this world! With all the emotions you feel when it is time to give birth, know that you are safe in the caring hands of our clinical team at North Valley Women’s Care. 

Your obstetrician will be with you when it is time to deliver your new little one as she is trained in many areas to deliver babies. Your OB will provide medical care throughout the labor and decide on the best and safest method for delivery. If need be, she will order and provide any special procedures or interventions, including a cesarean section surgery (c-section). It may be discussed with your obstetrician to have an induction or a planned c-section if that is in the best interest of mom and baby’s health.

What Obstetricians Do During the Postpartum Period

Your body has been through quite an ordeal to give birth to your new son(s) or daughter(s). Your first visit with the obstetrician after giving birth is your postpartum follow up. A typical postpartum evaluation will be scheduled around 6 weeks after giving birth.

This is a very important appointment.

In this visit, your OB will do a thorough assessment, which includes a physical exam of your uterus and cervix to make sure they are healing and returning to normal. Your social and psychological health will also be assessed to see how you are adjusting to life now that you have a newborn.

Areas that will be discussed include:

  • Emotions and overall mood 
  • The well-being of the infant, feeding, and care
  • Methods of birth control
  • Recovery from birth
  • Disease or disorder management
  • Changes in medication, if necessary
  • Your sleeping, eating, and overall care

Often women are seeking medical advice and clearance to start to incorporate physical activity back into their routine. It is important to follow your doctor’s medical advice to prevent a longer recovery period or to cause harm to your healing body. 

According to the latest medical health news from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists,women should continue care with their obstetrician and gynecologist to provide the best treatment possible. You go through a lot of changes after giving birth from your first even up to your fifth child. Having on-going visits with your specialists during the postpartum time will help you stay on top of your physical and mental care and well-being. These visits open the door to discuss any worries, concerns and all questions you have. 

Though your routine monthly and weekly visits with your obstetrician, or OB-GYN, may be less often, it is still very important to continue your routine visits with your gynecologist to maintain your reproductive health.

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What Does it Mean to be American Board Certified?

As you can see, an obstetrician has a very important job, caring for the life of a developing infant and you, the mother. 

Obstetricians often get into this field because it is a desire and a passion to be part of this precious journey of creating new life. 

After finishing medical school, obstetricians may also seek further credentials to become certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

Board-certified doctors are going beyond the minimum schooling and competency requirements to achieve this level of certification. It represents their desire and willingness to stay on top of the latest advancements in their chosen field and specialties. 

Some hospitals require physicians to be board certified in order to obtain special privileges, rankings, and positions.

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We Go Above and Beyond for the Care of You and Your Growing Family

At North Valley Women’s Care, we consider it a privilege to work with you and your family. 

It is our deepest desire to provide you with highly-qualified trained physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical staff to give you the utmost medical care you deserve and expect to receive.

Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment with us. We would love to welcome you to our family!


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