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What is Perinatal Care?

Your OBGYN may recommend that you see a perinatologist in conjunction with your primary OBGYN to help co-manage your pregnancy if you are considered to be at a high risk in your pregnancy. The reason you may be considered high risk could be due to an existing condition you have, you are carrying twins, you are older than 35 years of age, or you have had difficult pregnancies in the past.

Examples of pre-existing conditions would be:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Seizures
  • Blood clots
  • Infections in the body

A perinatologist, also known as a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, has received three additional years of training and schooling working specifically with high risk pregnancies.

For pregnancies that require closer monitoring, North Valley Women’s Care will refer their patients to their local perinatology group in order to co-manage the best in care for baby and mom.

Our obstetrics and gynecology specialists will work together with your perinatologist to closely watch the health of mom and the development of the baby and placenta, uterus, cervix and ovaries.

High-risk pregnancies get extra care and attention to protect mom and baby and to take any precautionary or interventional therapies as necessary.

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What to Expect when You Receive Perinatal Care

Your perinatologist will make a recommendation for the number of visits that will be needed throughout your pregnancy and will order labs to watch blood level counts of hormones and other indicators relevant to your condition. These labs and progress will also be shared with your OBGYN, as well as any labs that your OBGYN performs will be sent along to the perinatologist for consistency in care.

You will also receive many more ultrasounds than a regular pregnancy to ensure that the baby is developing as s/he should be, getting the right oxygen and blood flow, and that all reproductive organs involved are healthy and functioning as they should as well.

You and your baby are special and will receive very special treatment to stay ahead of any indicator of an issue. The reason for so many visits with the perinatologist is to catch any problem early enough to implement the necessary intervention.

The Best in Care with Your Local Glendale OBGYN

North Valley Women’s Care places you and your baby’s needs as priority. As an established patient with our women to women OBGYN team, we get to know you and your needs as you are preparing to become pregnant. We will create a specialized treatment plan for you and your baby based on your individual needs and care that is required to have the most successful outcome as possible.

We work with team of highly qualified and trusted perinatologists whom we’ve developed a reputable relationship with. Working together for your best care and treatment.

Treated with Compassion and Care

Our obstetric and gynecology specialists understand that high-risk pregnancies can cause uncertainty and worry. We are here to guide you along the way and to provide you with your baby’s first ultrasound to detailed 3D ultrasounds, working with your perinatologist to closely watch baby’s development.

You are in good hands in our care.

North Valley Women’s Care is a highly referred and trusted Glendale OBGYN. We look forward to working with you. 

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