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Come to Out Women’s Medical Clinic for a Free Pregnancy Test

The signs and symptoms of pregnancy can often get confused with your usual menstrual symptoms, so it can be hard to determine.

  • Symptoms such as fatigue, cramps and back pain that are common with your period can also be signs of the egg being implanted into the uterus wall.

At this point there is probably a lot going through your mind.

The biggest tell-tale sign of pregnancy is a missed period. If you think you are pregnant it is important to get tested right away. If doing a home test, the more sensitive tests can test positive for pregnancy as soon as the first day after your missed period.

Common Signs of Pregnancy Include:

  1. A missed period
  2. Tender and/or swollen breasts
  3. Feeling more tired than normal
  4. A change in your appetite
  5. An increase in urination
  6. Feelings of nausea

If your test shows negative for pregnancy you may be experiencing a late period which can happen due to a few circumstances. A late period can be caused by:

  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • A change in routine
  • Even travel can disrupt the monthly flow

Though, there is a chance that you have experienced receiving a false negative on your test.

To be certain and to play it safe, schedule an appointment with your Arizona women’s specialist at North Valley Women’s Care to get a free pregnancy test. That way, if you are pregnant, your OBGYN can start planning the women’s pregnancy health care plan for your specific needs.

First off, scheduling your first ultrasound will determine an accurate due date of arrival for your baby. The size of your baby will be measured to determined how far along you are and when you conceived, allowing an accurate due date. An estimated due date can be helpful for insurance purposes and financial planning as well.

From there, let the health care planning begin!

Planning Your Women’s Pregnancy Health Care with North Valley Women’s Care

We are your obstetrics and gynecology specialists who take care of all your women health care needs, including prenatal care and postnatal care, high-risk pregnancies, co-managing with your team of healthcare professionals, and ultrasounds and blood draw labs in our office.

We offer prenatal classes to make sure you are well-prepared for the next chapter of your life with you little one.

North Valley Women’s Care is equipped with many resources to prepare you for what to expect for each trimester, birth and after birth.

Throughout your pregnancy we will have the exciting appointments of seeing your baby using the technology of 3D ultrasounds. Not only is it fun to see the baby’s growth, 3D ultrasounds are used to ensure the proper growth and development of your baby.

  • The placenta, which carries your baby and provides important nutrients will be monitored to make sure of proper development and blood flow support the baby.
  • The amount of amniotic fluid is crucial for baby’s proper development as well. A 3D Ultrasound will measure this amount.
  • If there are any abnormalities with the growing baby a 3D ultrasound will provide early detection and allow for early intervention procedures if necessary.

If you think you may be pregnant, give North Valley Women’s Care a call right away to take a free pregnancy test, and we will go from there for the best options for your well women’s care.


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