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Top 3 Benefits Of A 3D Ultrasound


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Childbirth is one of the most precious yet confusing times for a woman. One thing that modern technology has to offer is 3D ultrasounds. Getting a good look at your child before they are born into this world can be a reverent moment. Other than the emotional hair-raising experience of a 3D ultrasound is other more practical health benefits. When you are able to see your child face to face in a three-dimensional screen your heart will stop.

Aside from the more nostalgic reasons for a 3D ultrasound let’s examine some of the top three benefits:

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Ability to detect abnormalities in a growing fetus:

As a 3D ultrasound allows us to see the developmental features of a growing fetus, any abnormalities will be detected at the time of the 3D ultrasound. In this way a lot of the preoccupations or concerns that you may have regarding the healthy life cycle of your baby in the womb can be addressed by a 3D ultrasound.

Situations like a cleft lip or improper fetus positions can be easily determined by a 3D ultrasound. As technology progresses these types of ultrasounds are getting more and more detailed. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see your baby in its full glory and have those memories forever.

Evaluate blood flow to the placenta:

Proper blood flow to the placenta is essential for every developing child. Monitoring this blood flow on a 3D ultrasound is much more effective than on a 2D ultrasound. As the sound waves bounce off the blood flow streaming through your placenta your OBGYN will get a clear picture of how this process is working with a 3D ultrasound. The sound waves are much sharper and are converted into a picture that is more detailed and easier to understand.

Blood flow falls under the category of vascular biology. Ensuring proper blood to flow to the placenta is comparable to ensuring the proper growth of your fetus. Already ultrasounds have been proven to be a fantastical piece of technology capable of delivering clear results and effective diagnosis.

Ensuring sufficient amniotic fluid:

Keeping tabs on the amniotic fluid during your pregnancy is of the utmost importance. Too little or too much fluid can cause complications for the baby. If you are undergoing a 2D ultrasound, remember that a 3D ultrasound will provide you with much better details on the level of amniotic fluid inside of your womb. To little amniotic fluid is known as Oligohydramnios, while too much amniotic fluid is known as polyhydramnios.

Having two little amniotic fluid is more common than having too much amniotic fluid, however both situations can cause complications for your pregnancy. As a mother, we want the best for our child. A 3D ultrasound is the one of the best ways that your OBGYN can be sure that you have proper levels of amniotic fluid in your womb.

There you have the top 3 benefits of getting a 3D ultrasound.

Since we live in the modern world, we should take advantage of its benefits. Don’t forget, 3D is much better for monitoring the development of your baby than 2D.



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