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A Women’s Health Center You’ve Been Looking For

Many women are in search for the right fit women’s medical center near me, which comes along a lot of researching and trial and error. Thankfully you have landed at the North Valley Women’s Care center, a brand-new women’s health center in Phoenix offering the most comprehensive care a woman could ask for.

As a new yet experienced private practice in the area, Dr. Austin has put her knowledge and experience to work to create a women’s health center to addresses the needs of all women’s health. This includes providing an array of in-house services for your convenience.

Your Women’s Health Center Providers and Clinical Team

For your ultimate support and comfort, we have a clinical team of Arizona women’s specialists of all women providers, including an OBGYN, a Nurse Practitioner, and two Physician’s Assistants. We understand the connection between women, which is especially seen in a women to women OBGYN setting.

At the North Valley Women’s Care women’s health center, we address all of your needs and provide an array of services to effectively treat you.

A Women’s Health Center Made Specifically for You with Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists

Treating women in their teens to those in menopause, we are your generational care providers, treating you at every stage of life. What a better way to transition into another phase of life with a team of professionals preparing you along the way.

Get in Touch with us

Get in Touch with us



Call us on 623-233-1300 or simply book an appointment.



Well-Woman Services with a Gynecologist:

  • We do yearly well women exams for preventative care
  • We treat hormonal issues and imbalances for optimal health and well being
  • We screen and treat sexually transmitted diseases
  • We manage irregular, heavy and painful periods


  • We are here when you are ready to start planning your family
  • We provide prenatal and postnatal care with prenatal classes and postnatal planning
  • We assess infertility with onsite consultations and provide the most effective treatment plan for your family planning needs
  • We sub-specialize in perinatology for high risk pregnancies without having to refer you to another specialist
  • We have in-house 3D ultrasounds and lab draws

Women's Health Center


Medical Procedures Performed On Campus with Your GYN Physician

  • Minimally invasive procedures including da Vinci hysterectomy and laparoscopy

Co-Management with Your Perinatology Team

We work very closely with your perinatology care team to ensure that the best care and services are provided for you and baby’s specific needs. We are happy to and prefer to co-manage your care with your perinatology team to discuss the best treatment plan for your optimal health.

A Women’s Health Center with Complete Care Services

It is important for your choice Women’s Health Center to offer all the services that you need. It not only makes for a more convenient experience for you, but it keeps your records, services and providers all in the same place. And sometime the billing is easier and more affordable, at least predictable with the same providers doing multiple services.

And, knowing that you have a team of Arizona women’s specialists working with you, it creates a peace of mind that you need and prefer for your women’s health care services.

North Valley Women’s Care provides the comprehensive women’s medical care services you are looking for. Give our friendly staff a call today to answer any questions you have. We are happy to help you. 


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We are your local providers of the highest quality obstetrics and gynecology, and we want to hear from you. If you have questions about our care and services, or to schedule an appointment, call us today!



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