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Pregnancy Specialist

North Valley Women's Care

OBGYNs & Aesthetic Center and Wellness Spa located in Glendale, AZ

Whether it’s your first time getting pregnant or you’ve been through pregnancy before, being pregnant can present new challenges. At North Valley Women’s Care in Glendale, Arizona, Melissa Austin, MD, and her team provide pregnancy testing, prenatal visits, and fetal monitoring to help the process go smoothly. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Pregnancy Q&A

What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the process that happens after sperm fertilizes a mature egg and the resulting zygote, or fertilized egg, implants in the uterine wall. Throughout pregnancy, the cells divide and grow into a fetus and later a baby. The roughly 40 weeks of a healthy, full-term pregnancy end in the process of childbirth. 

Throughout pregnancy, you need to make some diet and habit changes as your body goes through major changes. You might also experience some symptoms throughout your three trimesters, like headaches, spotting, weight gain, and nausea. 

The team at North Valley Women’s Care is dedicated to making your pregnancy as easy as possible and monitoring you and your baby’s health along the way. They can address any questions or concerns that come up and welcome you in for regular prenatal visits. 

You’ll have to make more frequent visits for prenatal care if your pregnancy is high risk due to an underlying condition, your age, or multiple babies. The team at North Valley Women’s Care develops an individualized prenatal care plan considering your circumstances. 

What are pregnancy tests?

A pregnancy test is a test that confirms a pregnancy or rules it out as a possible cause of various symptoms, like a missed period or tender breasts. Missed menstruation is the most prevalent early sign of pregnancy, but pregnancy isn’t the only possible cause. It can also come from stress, hormone imbalances, or travel. 

North Valley Women’s Care offers free pregnancy tests so you can start a care plan right away if it comes back with a positive result. A negative result can prompt you to explore other possible causes of your symptoms.  

What happens during my prenatal visits?

Your prenatal visits involve in-depth examinations so the team can monitor your baby’s growth and development. Some of the visits include sonography or ultrasound imaging, which is an imaging technique to examine the baby and blood flow in real-time. 

During your appointments, you can touch on topics like:

  • Pregnancy symptoms
  • Pregnancy risks
  • Dietary changes during pregnancy
  • Preparation for labor
  • Breastfeeding techniques
  • Genetic conditions and testing
  • Newborn care

You can also register for prenatal classes at North Valley Women’s Care where you can get additional information about pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood. 

To schedule an appointment for pregnancy testing or services, call North Valley Women’s Care or book online today.