Laser Vein Removal


What Is Laser Vein Treatment?

Laser Vein Reduction is a nonsurgical treatment against unwanted visible, bulging veins such as broken capillaries, varicose veins, or spider veins in our face and body. 

These bulging veins usually occur when there’s an irregular blood flow in your veins. Broken capillaries and spider veins are typically caused by a vein flap that has to close to prevent the backflow of blood. If the flap remains open, the blood will get stuck inside the vein, causing it to enlarge, and worse, burst. 

Our Laser vein treatment ensures safe removal of these unwanted, damaged veins to promote healthier veins and better blood flow.

What Is A Facial Vein Treatment? 

Facial veins are one of the most frustrating kinds of damaged blood vessels in the body. They are often hard to hide and may affect your self-confidence. 

North Valley Women’s Care uses various laser technologies in our facial vein treatment. We safely destroy your damaged vessels without sacrificing the health of the surrounding facial skin and tissues.


What Are Spider Veins? 

Spider veins are the most common type of damaged blood vessel that we treat. They appear as reddish, bluish, or purplish tiny, web-like veins just below the skin’s surface. 

Since we need to be delicate on our skin, treating spider veins requires specialized laser technology.

How Is Laser Vein Treatment Performed? 

Our experts here at North Valley Women’s Care use Lumenis M222 ND: YAG for our laser vein removal treatments. 

The treatment is performed on the skin’s surface. It is quick, painless, and requires no post-treatment downtime.

How Much Does A Laser Vein Treatment Cost? 

The cost of our laser vein treatment will vary depending on your skin’s condition. You can book a consultation with one of our aestheticians to further discuss the details of your treatment. 

North Valley Women’s Care offers financing options through CareCredit®.

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What Are The Benefits of A Laser Vein Treatment? 

A spider vein is not necessarily of medical concern, but people wish to have them removed due to the aesthetics of the condition. 

Our laser vein procedure is performed in our office, with no extensive, painful surgery. Here are the benefits:

  • It’s minimally-invasive
  • It requires little to no downtime
  • It’s effective and safe for most patients 



Am I A Good Candidate for Laser Vein Treatment? 

Patients with visible, bulging veins on the face or body are recommended to undergo laser vein reduction treatment. To be sure of your health condition, we highly encourage you to visit a physician first to make sure you don’t have any circulatory problems that may be causing your vein issues.


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